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Re: [FlexNet] Flexnet PacSat?

The sound card modem driver has nothing to do with what kind of operating you are doing. The driver handles the interface from the modem (a sound card) and the PC/FlexNet kernel. The hardware that talks to the radio is irrelevant, so long as you use the correct driver for it.

What you need is a FlexNet *application* that takes the data from the kernel and parses it or whatever you need to do for PacSat operations.

Unfortunately, I'm unaware of such an application, so far.

One possibility is if any of those programs you mention can interface with The Firmware (I think we call it WB8DED?) - if so, then use the TFEMU application, and FlexNet behaves like The Firmware to any outside program.  We use this to handle BBS interfaces, for example, and it works well.

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 >>> "Christopher Maness" <kq6up@hotmail.com> 09/09 11:33 AM >>>
Is there any PacSat interface software that is compatible with the Flexnet 
soundcard modem driver (i.e.WiSP,PB,PG,SatLinc etc.)  The author of SatLink 
has even included the C++ code for his software.  If no PacSat software 
exists, could someone tackle this one?  I'm not a developer yet :-(

                                           73's de KQ6UP

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