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Re: APRS is a stupid mode. was Re: Packet on AO-27

At 07:26 PM 9/7/99 -0400, kf4fdj@AMSAT.Org wrote:
>Try to think beyond the scope of your community, and picture a traveler
>on an extended car trip.  They have their mobile rig modified to work
>the pacsats, and regularly beacon their position back home for their
>friends and loved ones to intercept.  Every hour or so, they pick up
>their palmtop computer and type in a one line message, like: "We'll be
>in Des Moines tonight, Happy Birthday Beth!"

If Beth isn't a ham, one-way transmittions are still illegal, and you can't
be sure she even received the message or if she is even at home.  Best to
call on a repeater, HF, or use a cell-phone.

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