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8J1RL info

Here is QSP from 8J1RL(Syowa Station, Antarctica, 69.00S/36.58E、
GL-KC90TX) operator Kimio JA9BOH.

He is looking for more NA, EU contacts as well as SA and AF contacts
for the WAC via AO-10.

He does not like dupe QSO and looks for NEW contact every time.

His opeation under 8J1RL call will expire at the end of January 2000.
He hopes to work many stations before departure.

Look for him aroud 145.890MHz on AO-10.


JN1GKZ Masa     Tokyo Japan
   jn1gkz@jamsat.or.jp     http://www.din.or.jp/‾m-arai/

from Kimio JA9BOH

I operated 8J1RL via Ao-10 from 1702UTC  to 1929UTC on Sep.8th and worked 
these stations. 
1707 K0VTY 559-559  #55  sked request read after the QSO.
1719 N1JEZ 559-559  #56  Mike's sig was best at 1712UTC.

In this night pass ,I used a pair of 10 element 145MHz Yagi and LNA before 
FT736M .
If WX permit, I will try to be on all my window on 9th,10th,11th,and 12th 
except for 14:45UTC to 16:00UTC .
Skeds are welcome via JN1GKZ or JH3BJN or JA6BX.

73 de Kimio/JA9BOH at Syowa Station, Antarctica. 
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