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Re: [FlexNet] flexnet FSK ?

Christopher Maness wrote:

 > Is it possible to copy 9k6 FSK using flexnet.  All I saw were modules for
 > 1k2 and 9k6 AFSK.  Will these work for FSK? If not is someone developing
 > modules that will work for this mode?

There is no such thing as 9k6 AFSK to my knowledge. It's a typo and it's
meant to read 9k6 FSK. There is a whole range of modem solutions available
from BayCom (www.baycom.org) that will do the job, and all are supported by

1) parallel port modems such as the PAR96 or the PICPAR. I have used those
for portable operation with good results, albeit under BayCom, not under
Flexnet, but they all use the same FlexNet driver and I haven't heard anyone
complaining about it yet.

2) USCC cards and associated modems - I use a 9k6 USCC card here which has a
G3RUH/DF9IC-compatible modem and a Tekk 9k6 trx on board. I also use a USCC>4
with a 9k6 modem (there are several types depending on whether you require
simplex, full-duplex, or bitregenerating operation, and whether you prefer
SMD or discrete componentry). For USCC cards, there are two drivers - the
original USCC driver and XSCC, which will also handle DRSI cards.

Of course there is also the YAM modem which has had excellent reviews, and
the soundcard solution, which I understand works reasonably well in an end
user environment but isn't recommended for node digipeater use.


Ulrich ZL1DDL

Dr. Ulrich Guenther, MSc, PhD            ulrich@ihug.co.nz
Technology Transfer Consulting Ltd.    ph:  ++64-9-5283422
                                        fax: ++64-9-5280321
Auckland, NZ                      http://www.ttc-nz.co.nz/

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