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RE: [FlexNet] flexnet FSK ?


Yes !

The 6PACK driver will work with any TAPR-2 TNC or Clone with a G3RUH Modem

The YAM driver with a YAM Modem will work both 9600 FSK and 1200 AFSK...
Believe KA9Q Modem can be also used with the 6PACK TAPR-2 TNC combination...

Using the 6PACK driver / TAPR-2 TNC / G3RUH Modem combination at over 40
Node Sites in the New York Metro Area, running FlexNet at 9600 and 19200 for
most backbone links and even a few user ports.


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 > Subject: 	[FlexNet] flexnet FSK ?
 > Is it possible to copy 9k6 FSK using flexnet.  All I saw were modules for 
 > 1k2 and 9k6 AFSK.  Will these work for FSK? If not is someone developing 
 > modules that will work for this mode?
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