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Re: hardline

Actually, the cable in question (LDF2-50) is 50 ohm cable.
Attentuation at 440MHz is about 2.2dB/100ft
Info is right out of the Andrew  catalog.
John - VE8EV

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 >That hardline is used in CATV service. It is 75 ohm cable with excellent low 
 >loss and is good for any amateur radio use. I have found that ordinary RG6 75 
 >ohm cable used for CATV drops is also very good. Don't worry about any 
 >matching for 75  to 50 ohm. It makes no difference at all.  AL

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 >>Hi All
 >>I recently aquired 3 useable lengths of hardline, I'm not exactly sure of
 >>what I have.  On the cable it says"84147 ANDREW LDF2-50 HELIAX  COAXIAL
 >>CABLE A9402 17754".  I assume this is 50 ohm hardline, which I want to
 >>use for my  440 antennas (currently under construction).  E-mail direct.

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