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Re: Soundcard programming

At 10:08 PM 9/6/99 -0500, chgooden@worldnet.att.net wrote:
>I have a few applications that I would like to develope software for 
>using the Creative Kabs sound cards and I was wondering if 
>anyone had a C++ class for the cound card, or could send me 
>some example code to get raw data from the A/D converter.
>I would be happy to discuss these applications, which are APRS 
>related off of the sig for the time being.

Please remember that the sound card interface is operating system
dependent, and some of us use other OSs.

On the OS I use (Linux) sound card access is dead simple. To make
the initial connection open /dev/dsp for reading, writing, or both.
Use ioctl() to configure the card. Read samples, or make noises.

A good approach is to ask the driver what block size it likes
and then group the samples accordingly, but good old-fashioned
stream I/O works fine.

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