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Re: APRS is a stupid mode. was Re: Packet on AO-27

"Ralph G. Sbragia, CSP, CHST" wrote:

> Maybe a mode could be utilized in a less
> that productive manner, or utilized in an inconsiderate or rude way...

Like a flame-fest on a mailing list perhaps? 

"RTTY is stupid. If I want to know what someone wants to say, I'll use CW..."

"Radio is stupid. If we need a message sent at a distance, we'll use a

"This telegraph thing is stupid. If we want to send a message, pony express will
do nicely..."

"Written messages by horse? That's stupid. A courier can even answer

And if we buy that sort of logic, it's only a small step to:

"Ham radio? That's stupid. I can send all the messages I want on the

 Never one shy to feed the flames in a creative way....


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