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Re: APRS TRAKNET Constellation

The Grace of God and a strong space exploration 
and development program is the key to our future on Earth

On Tue, 7 Sep 1999 10:34:46    Bob Bruninga wrote:
>AO16APRS SIG:  (all 133 of you)
>Per the below message, AMSAT-Italy is going to reload IO-26 so that we get
>a 3rd UI-DIGIpeating satellite on orbit!  This will raise passes to 15 or
>so per day for USA, and more for higher latitudes.  All three birds listen
>on 145.900.  THus we have an amateur digital comunications constellation
>for LIVE UI packet communications..  And people are working on SOUNDCARD-
>only groundstations to eliminate the difficulty and expense of PSK modems.
>de WB4APR, Bob


This is awesome. You have found a use for the pacsats that will help increase their utilization for some time to come. A common complaint has been the lack of activity on those birds of late.

I had dinner with the esteemed Mr. Jan King a couple of weeks ago and one of the ideas passed around was a constellation of microsats doing something.  I want to keep our satellite service alive and growing. Your efforts are helping out a lot!

Dennis Wingo
SO-33 founder


I wish we could set up our bird for this!

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