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RE: APRS is a stupid mode. was Re: Packet on AO-27

On the off chance Vince, that your comments where the unintended remarks of
an individual who is in fact open minded about our hobby, let me share with
you two other uses for APRS that require some practice and know how ahead of

1) Did you know that each float in the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade
carries an APRS beacon?  This allows the Parade committee to know the
location and speed of every float without requiring a ham on each float and
one in the control center AND without the constant radio chatter that would
be needed to get position reports every few minutes.

2) Each April, law enforcement agencies from all over the world participate
in a 120 mile relay foot race through the mountain desert terrain from
Baker, CA to Las Vegas, NV.  Repeater coverage in this area is ok but very
limited, if each of the 100 plus teams relied on the local repeaters, well
lets just say it wouldn't be pretty.  On the other hand, the Orange County
RACES volunteers are able to support position reporting for thirty plus
teams, providing up to the minute data on runner positions to team
coordinators who are trying to insure that fresh runners are being dropped
off at each leg ahead of the current runner and that runners who have
finished their leg are picked up with a minimum of waiting (each team has
twenty runners & the race takes almost 24 hours from the start of the
slowest teams to the finish of the fastest).  All this just by placing
beacon boxes in each follow van (the van that stays with the current runner)
and establishing a digipeater network to forward data to the control center.

This year, we even gated the race and team status information to the
internet so that family members and race officials in Las Vegas and
throughout the world could keep up with their team.

None of these missions could be successfully completed if we as hams did not
work to maintain our technical skills throughout the year.

Lastly, How can a mode be stupid?  Maybe a mode could be utilized in a less
that productive manner, or utilized in an inconsiderate or rude way, but how
can the mode itself be stupid?

73 to all,

Ralph G. Sbragia, CSP, CHST (KD6FYT)
Board Certified Safety Professional

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