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Re: APRS is a stupid mode. was Re: Packet on AO-27

Well put.  I second that motion (especially that part about not always 
agreeing with Bob, but ALWAYS respecting his valuable efforts).
Jerry, K5OE

> Although I'm not the biggest fan of APRS, I have to say that it deserves as
>  much discussion on here as anything else. It's amateur satellite related, 
>  I say go for it. I don't always agree with everything Bob has to say, but I
>  have to admit that he really goes the extra mile to try and expand our
>  beloved hobby and to advance it in a technical fashion. At least Bob is
>  coming up with new and fresh ideas.
>  Bob, I have disagreed with some of the ideas you have had and I also
>  pubically admit that my views lean more towards those of Mike Gilchrist, 
>  you are to be commended for your efforts to further the hobby and to 
>  all of us. You are an extremely brilliant person and although I may not
>  always agree, I do hold you in high esteem and welcome your thoughts and
>  ideas. The gentleman that wrote the original post does NOT speak for all of
>  us that are interested and amazed by the amateur satellite aspect of the
>  hobby.
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