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APRS is a stupid mode. was Re: Packet on AO-27

APRS is a stupid, useless mode. If I want to know where someone is or where
they're going they can get on the repeater or simplex and tell me. When I
want someone to know where I am, I can do the same. 

You APRS lovers should start another mailing-list so the rest of us don't
have to read about your stupid mode. 

The only good use for APRS is as an emergency beacon on capsized boats or
downed aircraft, situations were the occupants might not be able to respond.

At 10:22 PM 9/4/99 -0400, Mike Gilchrist - KF4FDJ wrote:
>I firmly believe there is a genuine
>need for such a device on AO27 at this time, since MIR is defunct.  I
>find it far less objectionable than a roger beep some operators use. 
>The data burst is very fast and efficient.
>Several operators are currently engaged in experiments with AO-16, and
>APRS, but use of AO27 with the MIC-E encoder should also be embraced.
>Until we can get some more digipeating devices in orbit, this is a good
>scheme for use of AO-27, in conjunction with regular voice use.
>73, Mike in Fort Myers, FL 

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