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Re: APRS TRAKNET Constellation

I propose that we investigate if the PACSAT's can be programmed
to recognize a generic identifier to digipeat APRS packets if it
is feasible.  This would make it much easier for the traveler so
they will not have to constantly change the digipeat callsign each
time a different bird is overhead.  Currently, we have AO-16 and
LU-19 to experiment with APRS.  When IO-26 (a nice bird that
has been sadly missed) is activated as AMSAT-Italy mention's,
it will add a third callsign that must be programmed to digipeat
through these available birds.

Since I do not carry a laptop with me at all times in my Jeep, it
will be impossible to take advantage of all the PACSAT's that
could be reached from my mobile.

If all the birds would accept the alias of PACSAT or APRSAT,
then we could accomplish a goal to make it easier for the
travelers of the world to more easily access these birds without
having to reprogram our TNC's.  A simpler solution would be to
use the standard alias of RELAY or WIDE.

When the PACSAT or APRSAT digipeat callsign is utilized, it
would be nice if the bird could substitute this with the appropriate
PACSAT-1, LUSAT-1, or ITMSAT-1 identifier on the digipeated
packet on the downlink.

If the PACSAT command stations are reading this, let us know if
it is possible to program these birds to accept additional alias
callsigns for digipeating on these 1200 baud Manchester / PSK


Tim - N8DEU
Huntsville, Alabama

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Date: Tuesday, September 07, 1999 9:35 AM
Subject: [amsat-bb] APRS TRAKNET Constellation

>AO16APRS SIG:  (all 133 of you)
>Per the below message, AMSAT-Italy is going to reload IO-26 so that we get
>a 3rd UI-DIGIpeating satellite on orbit!  This will raise passes to 15 or
>so per day for USA, and more for higher latitudes.  All three birds listen
>on 145.900.  THus we have an amateur digital comunications constellation
>for LIVE UI packet communications..  And people are working on SOUNDCARD-
>only groundstations to eliminate the difficulty and expense of PSK modems.
>de WB4APR, Bob
>On Tue, 7 Sep 1999, Alberto E. Zagni wrote:
>> Hi Bob,
>> just yesterday I asked Daniele IK2XRO (Itamsat Ground Station) to reload
>> the software and activate the digipeater.
>> Since the spacecraft was left in MBL mode for more than 4 months, we made
>> an overall check that showed the s/c in good condition.
>> We plan to start the reload during the next weekend.
>> All the best
>> Alberto E. Zagni - I2KBD
>> AMSAT-Italy V-President
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