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RE: 3KW ERP was: Texas Potato Masher II

Hi Mike and the group,

At 04:20 AM 09/06/1999 -0000, Michael P. Olbrisch wrote:
>and then a quick spurt really gets the job done.  I hope I do
>not need the 3KW erp often, but several attempts with 50 watts
>on my Tri-band J-pole just gets me nowhere on weekends.  Yes,

I bet your old setup has less ERP directed at the satellite than
most of the QRP/HT/ARROW operators have.  You would be better off
with a 2-m 1/4 wave but still 50 watts into a 1/4 wave will not be
able to break into the "noise" (when no has captured the receiver)
when a 5 watt HT plus correctly oriented 3 element 2m yagi can.

I know this from experience when KI0AG and others could get over it 
and/or the Spanish QRM, but I could not with my mobile/portable car setup
(45 watts + 1/4 wave up, 5 element yagi + preamp down). I lost giving
out grids many times on weekends because of this while on trips.

I suspect your receive is not that good when the satellite is south of
you. If that was improved you should be able to work Al in Mexico and
many of the southern operators as the majority of the other operators drop
out of the footprint.

>I have been told to try weekdays.  Have you ever heard the
>noise level (both audio and RF) at a power plant.  I only have
>the weekends.  I may not need the ERP, but it will be there if I do.

Too bad you can not go out for lunch and work it. There was a AO-21
operator from MI who worked from a parking lot next to a nuclear power
plant all the

I do know about the noise problem. I can not work RS-13 from home
because of a strong single right where most of the ssb QSO's occur. It was
nice to work you on RS-12 in 1998.

Wait until you hear your own QRM from your 2 meter harmonics when running
your 3KW erp. If you want to hear if you are getting into the birds then you
better have a good mode J-Filter.

There was a CA station on AO-21 that sounded like he was running a KW into
a Oscar antenna.  We had to listen to him "tune up" since he was not hearing
the bird because he was overloading his receiver.  When he finally did decide
he was getting in he proceeded to tell use all about our "Good Old Boy"
network and that we did not own the satellite.  After that as soon as we heard
him from then on we stopped transmitting and left him to talk to himself on
the satellite.  These were western passes and there just were not that many of
us on. (He also never QSLed for the time I did work him. That was ok since
I did have California and his grid.)

>Heck, I just want a few new grids like everyone else!

>From my last trip when I was in FN-53 ( a grid I have not worked anyone
in during the last 8 years) a minority of those on at the time worked
me for the grid. Not everyone on the bird is after grids!

73, Randy N7SFI

>An armed society is a polite society.

A KW+ ERP station is a polite station. I hope!!!

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