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Re: AO16/LO19 Traknet Operational!

Two other items of note about AO16/LO19 for APRS mobiles:

1) Being polar orbiters, the higher your latitude the more passes you get.
For London, you get 14, for Edmonton Alberta, there are probably
16  (we only get about 10).  Great for tracking someone out in the
wilderness... At the south pole, you get 30! ANy HAMS going to Antarctica
this summer?

2) Unlike Terrestrial APRS digipeaters, the AO16/LO19 birds operate FOUR
times more effeciently.  They have 4 user uplink channels each.  Thus,
instead of becoming collision-limited at 18% (the Aloha optimum), we get
four times this or almost 75% channel capacity!

Thus we could have as many as 300 users per footprint per pass (At a 5
minute rate).  I recommend that all users include their UPLINK FREQ in
their status text so that everyone can see what channels are loaded and by
how many users...

P.S. Work permitting, I will probably be able to downlink most Weekday
passes for the east coast..

Again, if anyone knows of any big expeditions going offshore or wilderness
or whatever that would be of interest to track (a few times a day) via
Amateur radio, let us know..

de WB4APR, Bob

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