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Re: MIR is Off, but you can Bounce

Hi Steve and All:

During the last few months of Mir activity the MAREX-NA team
discussed several options  with Energia, about leaving one of the Amateur Radio
active while Mir is temporarily un-manned.
Several solutions were proposed.
However, the Safety of the Stations and power loads were top consideration.
It was deiced that is was safer to leave all equipment shutdown and disconnected
the 6 month rest period.
We agree with the decision to temporaly shutdone the experiemnts and I hope
that everyone will understand.

We hope to be back on the air again in Feb/March 2000

Miles WF1F

Steve3209 tudor e mcc <w2zby@juno.com> on 09/05/99 11:39:13 AM

To:   Miles Mann/PicTel
cc:   AKG980@st.aubg.bg, amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org
Subject:  Re: [amsat-bb] MIR is Off, but you can Bounce

I had been hoping the MIR crew would leave a beacon on--but apparently
not, eh?

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