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Re: Saying "hi" on AO27 gets my goat!

Well, Mike,
One thing is for sure:  Along with being a big gun on AO-27, you'll have
improved your situation on AO-10, too!

I still think the main thing that's killing the newcomers on Ao-27 is
that they can't hear
too well.  Even with an H.T. and marginal antenna, they can get into the
bird,  but
they don't hear much, and many times we spend the whole pass calling
with a big loud signal calling CQ, but he never hears any of us calling.

Many guys have told me they were only able to hear the bird for 30
seconds out of a 
15 minute pass.  

The key word is "PREAMP",  that is the best $100 (for a brand new one) or
$50 or so
(for a used one) that a guy could spend!

John, K6YK

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