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Re: Re: Alinco HT was MIR?

Does anyone know if the Yaesu VX-5R tri-band 5W HT can do that? I would
like to try the Pacsat's but am not sure if I can do it with my radio..

At 02:15 PM 09/05/1999 -0400, John Hansen wrote:
>At 11:22 AM 9/5/99 -0400, you wrote:
>>  if you can find the descriminator output of the handy's
>>demodulator, then you can receive the 9600 baud Pacsats.
>>I just added a small connector to my $88 Alinco UHF HT to bring out the
>>discriminator and it lookos like it willl make a great little portable
>>9600 baud PACSAT handheld (with the corner reflector).
>I'll be very interested to see how this works out.  There are two reasons 
>that most FM radios won't do 9600 baud satellite receive.  One, of course, 
>is the need to tap the discriminator.  The other is that the IF filters are 
>not wide enough.  I remember when the major manufacturers were first coming 
>out with dual band FM units that claimed to be able to do 9600 out of the 
>box.  I walked around Dayton one year looking at the specs on all of these 
>and found that the IF filtering was often less than 12 kHz.  The IC 207H, 
>for example, advertises the -6 dB points are at 12 kHz.  The Yaesu FT-90 is 
>the same.  Back then, some of these radios had filters that were even
>I remember when I started working digital satellites with an FT 736, 
>everyone was swapping out the standard IF filter (I think it was 15 kHz) 
>with 20 or 30 kHz filters.  Partly that was because one of the digital 
>satellites (I think it was UO-22) had some frequency stability problems, 
>but I think the problems may have existed with other birds as well.  I am 
>not familiar with anyone who successfully got any of these "9600 baud 
>ready" radios to work on the 9600 baud satellites without modification, 
>though if I'm wrong I'd sure love to hear about it.
>So, I guess what I'm saying is that I think that an awful lot of people 
>(including me!) would be extremely interested to hear of the results of 
>your experiments with the Alinco.  Please post the outcome regardless of 
>whether it works or not.
>73, John W2FS
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