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Re: Mir Repeater

At 09:30 9/5/1999 GMT, Richard W L Limebear wrote:

>ke4rap@arrl.net writes:
>> Of course, packet was the
>> only was to communicate *via* MIR, but had they a simplex repeater or a
>> transponder on board for voice it would have been chaos.
>They *did* have a transponder, as part of the SAFEX package. 
>Mmmmmm ... wonder if they ever tested it ??

The 70cm repeater on Mir was occasionally operational.  A check of my log
shows that I made about 25 contacts via the repeater between July 1996 and
June 1997.

One contact that I remember vividly was about 3 AM local time in February
1997.  The repeater was active and I was calling cq without any replies.
Then Valery Korzun, R0MIR, called me.  He said that he was working in the
module and could hear me calling cq.  When nobody answered, he decided to
stop working and chat for a while.

The only thing tricky about using the repeater was tuning for Doppler
shift.  N1JEZ came up with a system of programming a series of memory
channels that worked well for me.  I believe that the repeater would have
been much more popular if it had operation more often.

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