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Re: Mir Repeater

At 09:30 AM 09/05/1999 GMT, Richard W L Limebear wrote:
>ke4rap@arrl.net writes:
>> Of course, packet was the
>> only was to communicate *via* MIR, but had they a simplex repeater or a
>> transponder on board for voice it would have been chaos.
>They *did* have a transponder, as part of the SAFEX package. 
>Mmmmmm ... wonder if they ever tested it ??

Yes, It was on:

	 July, Sept-Dec 1996
	 Jan-Apr,July,Nov,Dec 1997
	 Jan. 1998
I have 450 entries in my log from those dates on
the MIR UHF repeater. It was harder to work than
AO-27 but may were able to do it with HT's.

I worked 83 grid squares and 33 state on it.
It was fun! I sure do miss it but then a lot
of others enjoyed the SSTV that seemed to have
replaced it.

73, Randy N7SFI

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