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KE4ARM satellite tracking website

I tried posting this on rec.radio.amateur.space but did not get any help so I 
thought I would try here.

There is a satellite tracking web page that allows you track satellites which 
used to be great resource for newcomers.  

It is located at: http://acsprod1.acs.ncsu.edu/scripts/HamRadio/sattrack

However, the Keplerian elements on it are over 260 days old.  I tried to 
contact the owner, Lou Williams (KE4ARM) using all the available email 
addresses on the page, QRZ, Buckmaster, etc and it appears that he is no 
longer with us.  I even sent him a QSL card to no avail.  I think it's a 
shame that the keps are not being kept up to date.  There are _many_ links to 
this site from various ham pages.  If anyone can help with supplying some new 
keps for this web site or moving it to a location where it can be maintained, 
many hams would be very grateful. I used to link it to my own ham page but 
have since removed the link since I feel that it would only create 
frustration for those hams trying to get their feet wet with satellites by 
giving them erroneous data.
Lee Devlin,  K0LEE
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