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Re: Saying "hi" on AO27 gets my goat!

In a message dated 9/5/99 9:04:35 AM Mountain Daylight Time, kd9kc@elp.rr.com 

> In closing, I would like to point out that I am not whining, that you
>  brought up the subject, and that I am following your advice very
>  closely, building a better station.  If one thing has been proven
>  out here, it is still  "If you can't join em, beat em."

If you are getting frustrated with AO-27,  try a western pass.  Yesterday (a 
Saturday, no less) we all worked each other and were waiting for new stations 
and no one showed up.  Chris (N2YQP) was repeatably getting into the bird 
with 20mW from the Alamagordo hamfest.  

I have worked AO-27 on several occasions with 5W into a 14" thin duck while 
pedaling along on my bicycle.  The most important factor is to get the 
polarity of the antenna to match that of the satellite, otherwise it's 
difficult to hear anything.  I listened for AO-27 for days on my base rig and 
never heard it.  I went outdoors and in no time heard the bird by rotating my 
HT using just the rubber duck.

The midcontinent passes do get crazy as the pass proceeds on weekends to the 
point where it can become unusable.  I got into AO27 a few times today very 
easily but as the pass progressed, hardly anyone was getting any intelligible 
exchanges through the QRM.  I did hear Mike a few times from Sanibel Island 
though :-).

73,  Lee Devlin, K0LEE
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