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RE: Saying "hi" on AO27 gets my goat!

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> From: KF4FDJ (Mike in Ft. Myers, FL) [mailto:seven77@gate.net]
> Sent: Sunday, September 05, 1999 10:55 AM
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> Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] Saying "hi" on AO27 gets my goat!
> Again, you missed the point.  

No... actually, you made my point.  Quote from your previous post.

> > What's the answer?  Do your best to graduate from a marginal station 
> > to a reliable link.  Use a gain antenna.  Get a pre amp so you can hear
> > better

I am simply graduating to a better station.  Going to use a more "reliable"
link.  Got a pre-amp for the mast.  Got a big antenna.  Working on mast
mounting the amp, so the full power goes straight to the antenna, not
lost in the coax on the way up.  160 watts @ 15 dB gain could potentially
be more than 3KW ERP, depends on how short I can keep the coax.  The
big problem was getting a low loss 12vdc source to the tower.  Well, it
was easier to run 120vac up there and put the P/S up there too.  Less
I2R loss that way.  I am simply doing my best!

> Good amateur practice states an operator uses the lowest power needed 

Yep. and I will do that.  But with a 3KW + available ERP, it should be real
easy to work it no matter how crowded it gets.

> On a Saturday afternoon, during a mid continent pass of AO27, the
> reliable link would include a gain antenna 

No dispute there.  I'm working on it.  Still need a fiberglass cross-boom.

> Why are they successful?

The good-old-boy network at work.  I have successfully heard my
"marginal" 50 watts on a J-pole several times.  Just partial call
sign because the good-old-boys just talked right on top of it.
Jim-Bob checking on Billie-Bob's cat or something.  I know that
50 watts on a Tri-band J-pole would work if there wasn't so much
crowding on the sat.  But it won't compete with 50 watts on a
10 element beam.  

> By the way, listen for me on the mid continent pass today.  I 
> will be HT portable on Sanibel Island, in a rare grid: EL86.

Thanks for the offer, and I surely do need that grid.  But at the
moment, all I have is my marginal Tri-band J-pole.  So why bother?

The GOOD side of this is that by the time I am finished, I should have
one really kick-ass station for satellite use.  Gotta spend all that
money on something, and the 160 watt amp was only $100, great 
deal, couldn't pass it up!  A pair of 2m 22 element KLMs and a power
divider appeared in good condition.  Nice things happen to nice
guys hi hi.  The 40 ele 70cm was a bit more costly, but still not
too bad.  I had the rotors from last year already.  All it takes it
time and money.

In closing, I would like to point out that I am not whining, that you
brought up the subject, and that I am following your advice very
closely, building a better station.  If one thing has been proven
out here, it is still  "If you can't join em, beat em."

Thanks for all the good advice.  Have a great Sunday.

> 73, Mike in Fort Myers, FL

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