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Re: MIR is Off, but you can Bounce

That E-Mir-E sounds like fun.  Thanks for the suggestion.

Even though I don't have a "big station," I would like to give it a try 
(maybe it'll be raining this afternoon--hi).  Do you have a recommended freq. 
& mode?  I believe the traditional 2 m SSB frequencies would be a bad choice 
as some terrestrial types might get out of joint over this type of QRO QRM.  
Would the old MIR freq of 145.985 be OK?  I suspect CW (or USB) would be far 
more likely to succeed than FM (unless there is a huge link margin).
Jerry, K5OE

> What do you need to Mir Bounce.
>  A big station.
>  Antenna   12 dBd or more
>  Power Raw 150 +
>  Antenna preamp
>  Mode CW or SSB
>  So if you have a Big gun, give Earth Mir Earth a try.
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