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AMSAT-NA Symposium Preliminary Agenda

Here is the preliminary agenda for the 17th Space Symposium and
AMSAT-NA Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA on October 7-11, 1999.
We've already had some changes, so this is to give you some
guidelines as to the schedule of events and topics.

Duane Naugle, KO6BT
1999 AMSAT Symposium Chairman

      AMSAT-NA 17th Space Symposium and Annual Meeting
                    October 7-11, 1999
            Hanalei Hotel, San Diego, California

           PRELIMINARY AGENDA - Subject to change

Thursday October 7

15:00-18:00  Registration

Friday   October 8

07:30-18:00  Registration (Open during breaks)
08:30-09:00  Announcements - Duane Naugle, KO6BT
             President's Welcome - Keith Baker, KB1SF

09:00-10:30  Symposium general session

  The Apogee at Constant time-of-day Equatorial(ACE) Orbit for
    Amateur Radio Satellites
       Ken Ernandes, N2WWD

  Modifying Qualcomm OmniTRACS Surplus Equipment for
    Use with Amateur Satellites
       Kerry Banke, N6IZW

  Using Point-to-Point Protocol for Satellite Communication
       Andrew Taylor, KC0BPD

10:30-10:45  Break
10:45-12:00  Symposium general session

  OPAL: A First Generation Microsatellite That Provides Picosat
    Communications for the Amateur Community
       Prof. Bob Twiggs KE6QMD, James Cutler, Greg Hutchinson,
       Jeff Williams

  Why AMSAT Software Should be Free Software
       Bdale Garbee, N3EUA

12:00-13:00  Lunch Break
13:00-14:30  Symposium general session

  ASUSat1 - On Orbit Operations and Satellite Profile
       Assi Friedman, KK7KX, Brian Underhill, Dr. Helen Reed

  New AUSSat Projects for Fall 1999: Three Corner Sat and
    Distributed Ground Station Network
       Assi Friedman, Brian Underhill, Joyce Wong, Dr. Helen Reed,
       Steve Horan, Elaine Hansen, Tony Colaprete & Dan Rodier

  A Patch Antenna For 435-438 MHz
       Cliff Buttschardt, K7RR

14:30-14:45  Break
14:45-17:00  Symposium general session

  JAWSAT presentation
       Randy Kohlwey, N7SFI

  InstantTune for the FT847
       Anthony Monteiro, AA2TX

  Anatomy of a SETI Hoax
       Dr. Paul Shuch, N6TX

17:00-19:00  Dinner Break

19:00-22:00  IARU Satellite meeting
19:00-22:00  Beginners Session

Saturday October 9

07:30-12:00  Registration Open
08:00-09:45  Symposium general session

  Detroit Area Satellite Gateway: A Report on the Design and
    Implementation of an Automated Satellite Gateway System
       Jerry Smyth, K8SAT

  Emerald: A First Generation Microsatellite That Provides
    Picosat Communications for the Amateur Community
       Prof. Bob Twiggs KE6QMD, Freddy Pranajaya

09:45-10:00  Break
10:00-12:00 Symposium general session

  Amateur Satellites - A Resource for Emergency Communications
       Bill Burden, WB1BRE

  AMSAT Builders Channels for HT and
    Mobile Satellite Communications
       Bob Bruninga, WB4APR

12:00-13:00  Lunch Break
13:00-14:30  Symposium general session

  Small Satellite Applications of the CAN Bus
       Bdale Garbee, N3EUA & John Conner, WD0FHG

  Amateur Radio On-board the International Space Station
       Will Marchant, KC6ROL & Frank Bauer, KA3HDO

14:30-14:45  Break
14:45-16:00  Symposium general session

  Phase 3D Update
       Keith Baker, KB1SF, Chuck Green, N0ADI & Others

16:00-17:00  AMSAT Annual Meeting

17:00-18:00  BREAK
18:00-19:00  Thruster Firing

19:00-23:00  Annual Banquet
             Speaker- Jim Benson, Pres. & CEO SpaceDev, Inc.

Sunday   October 10

07:00-09:00  Area Coordinators Breakfast - Barry Baines, WD4ASW

08:30-12:00  Tour of QUALCOMM Incorporated and SpaceDev, Inc.

12:00-13:00  Lunch Break

13:00-18:00  AMSAT-NA Board of Director's Meeting

Monday   October 11

08:00-18:00  AMSAT-NA Board of Director's Meeting

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