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Re: [sarex] PACSAT Live QSO's?

>It's also a much more effective use of the time on the bird. Considering
>you're unlikely to get much more info (callsign, gridsquare, signal
>report) though a typical AO-27 weekend pileup  pass by voice...and a few
>packet bursts could swap data with a *lot* more stations! :-)

That's what was so fun about using APRS with MIR.  Of course, packet was the
only was to communicate *via* MIR, but had they a simplex repeater or a
transponder on board for voice it would have been chaos.

Using UI frames versus connected packets greatly maximized our chances of
making a contact, and sped up the process of the exchange.  APRS further
sped up the exchange by automating some of the processes, like manually or
automatically sending the *same* reply until it got digipeated, versus
retyping the whole line over and over..

Many more QSO's can take place during a pass with packet, versus using
voice.  It's also a lot more fun!!

Needless to say, I am eagerly waiting for what will happen with a digi on
the ISS...

Danny Messano


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