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Re: [sarex] PACSAT Live QSO's?

Bob Bruninga wrote:
> * Activity on AO27 is up and growing!
> * Digipeating via MIR with UI frames was growing very well
> * Digipeating UI frames is starting to gather interest on AO16 and LO19
> So here is the thought.  Are we seeing a trend away from store-n-forward
> message systems (The internet does this well!) and seeing a trend back to
> LIVE amateur radio satellite contacts just because they are fun?

Bob, I couldn't agree with you more!

I *still* miss the days when AO-21 was alive and well.  The signal was
so good that all I needed was the rubber duck antenna to receive it. 
And almost every pass on the weekends was very congested.  A very
popular bird at the time.

I feel that we need more of these easy-to-work FM or SSB satellites to
revive the interest in this area.

73's to all.

Jeff Gibson, KB0DSH
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