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Re: PACSAT Live QSO's?

Bob Bruninga wrote:
> If so, then demand for PSK modems would remain high, and SOMONE should
> write a SOUND-CARD PSK modem just like ROger did for PSK31!  

Hello BOB,

We are just doing that at AMSAT F.
The first soft has been diffused more than 1 year ago, it was a very
simple one (DOS and TX only) and has been given away on the amsat na
server as a test system for the g3ruh psk 400 modem. It could be used on
the air as showed by our test but it was not designed to do so and use
was very tricky. The Rx was already running at that time but also in DOS
and was not released.
Chrsitophe Mercier and myself are now working ( part with the satedu
project and other ones) to make it run under w958nt (rx only) so that
the maximum number of ham can receive p3d TLM after the launch. It is
working in beta version and should be released in a few weeks. (doppler
tracking was already included in the DOS version as it is inherent to
the Costas Loop that is used to implement the algoritm)
A full TXRX program 400 BPS full featured, full duplex (sound card type
dependent)  should be released later in the year (time availabilty
dependent HI). 
However, high performance psk decoding is cpu consuming and it is likely
that high VHF class Pentium (if not UHF) will be required. I plan to add
turbo code error correction in another version. (as soon as i have
replaced my computer, before 2000/01/01 anyway, HI))
Best 73.
Ghislain RUY 
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