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Re: Easy mode A RX

Please note that the uPD858 usuallu only get up into the low 28 mhz 
without a crystal change. 
  Also, I'll agree that some of the SSB CB's are more sensetive. I've 
got an old SBE that picks up 11 meters alot better than my TS440. 
Kinda like the old single band ham rigs. 
   What I haven't heard is anyone mentioning some of the short wave 
receivers out there. Any general coverage rig with good SSB receive 
works. Not to mention the communications receivers like the old 
DX300 from radio shack, their dx440, Kenwood R1000, R5000, Icoms
and Yaesu's
   Back to the CB conversions. in 73 Magazine theres usually a 
company that advertises CB to 10 meter conversions and don't forget.
  IT DOESN"T HAVE TO TRANSMIT!  That means you can sometimes
find the 11 meter SSB that doesn't XMIT for free!
   73, Mike
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