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Re: FM satellites

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> >The HF end of it doesn't have to be expensive either.  Older HF rigs
> >can often be found at hamfests for dirt cheap.  HR2510's and HTX100's
> >for 10 meters are plentiful and reasonable.  There are many synthesized
> I must be going to the wrong hamfests.  I often see comments similar to
> one above about all mode 2 meter rigs also.  I am a regular at the Miami
> hamfest, and spent many hours in the flea market area of Dayton this year.
> The very best price I found recently on a Uniden 10 meter rig was more
> the rig sold for new.  Perhaps we should include a section on bartering
> when the new questions pools are created.
The Uniden is the most expensive of the 10 meter rigs, due to the ease in
which it can be modified for 11 meter operation.  Lurk on Ebay and the
rec.radio.swap newsgroup.  The Radio shack model (HTX 100) routinely goes
for about $100.  Tube type HF gear can often be had for less than $100
especially if they have blown finals (which doesn't matter in transverter
country).  Suprisingly, the older tube HF gear is more likely to have a
transverter input/output than the newer stuff.  I would guess that around a
third of us started using one or more transverters.  We all moved up to all
modes as time, money and oportunity permitted.

  2 Meter all modes vary wildly depending upon age and quirks.  10 Watt
models go for $150 to $250 at the same places.  The Icoms always seem to
bring a little more and the radios made by folks who don't make radios any
more like KLM go for a little less.  Newer, higher powered gear is obviously
more expensive.  I recently sold a 2 meter all mode (FT-480R) and a 430 all
mode (TR-9500) on Ebay (and took abuse from the list for advertising here).
I couldn't stand to watch them collect dust here in my 'no antenna'
neighborhood.  They brought about $250.00 each.

Look around the stuff is out there.  I think the days of buying and selling
at hamfests are numbered, except for boat anchors too heavy to ship.  Ebay
and the like are just too easy to use, and you get a lot more folks to look
at what you have to sell.  I tried to sell the 430 Mhz all mode at a Hamfest
in Las Cruces, NM a few years back and couldn't get the $175 I was asking.

My $.02,
Joe ka0yos

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