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Re: FM HT's


OK, I admit the term "real radio" is an inside joke around this area in
circles..  It came into usage when certain people would be trying to talk
somebody on the repeater and all we're getting is "hisssss  skratchhhhh"
with an occasional word here and there. One of the stations would pop in
say, "are you using that toy radio again?  Get a real radio so we can

On Fri, 30 Jul 1999 07:10:30 -0500 GPersons <railfan@flash.net> writes:
>An HT a luxury? Something to haul around? Not a real radio? What do 
>consider a real radio? The first radio I bought was an Icom W32A HT. I 
>if for the better part of a year while I was amassing enough money to 
>get a
>mobile rig. Yea it wouldn't talk as far as the "real radios" but who 
>That is why we have repeaters! 

What happens when the repeater isn't working?

>Change gears. I haven't been following this thread about the ERP all 
>closely, and perhaps someone has already mentioned this, if they 
>forgive me for bringing it up again. In Part 97, paragraph somewhere, 
>your technician test and I believe on the general test, doesn't it say 
>we are to use the least power available to get the job done? 

You are so right, but  sometimes the "least power to get the job done is
more than
what an HT can muster"

When I operate mobile on AO-27 with an inferior setup compared to my home

station, I don't expect to have the same results, but I don't complain
that the higher-
power stations are covering me up, etc.  I expect that to happen, so when
I do get 
some QSO's from the mobile, it's GREAT! I love it.

John, K6YK

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