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Re: Second Hand Stuff

You just have to keep your ears and eyes open, listen to swap nets, check
the want-
ads on the web, the ham flea markets, etc.  If you are patient and know
what you
want, you'll find it.  One deal I came across (my first 2 meter allmode a
few years
back), was a swap:  an old Icom 230 and $75 for a Yaesu FT-221R.  I kept
221 for many years, just sold it last year when I found a "newer" rig to
replace it.

By the way, I had pretty good success using an Icom 230 (with extra
crystal for
some channels in the 145 range) on CW on RS10 and RS11. The rig put out 8

watts, the CW was very clean and I was able to give out some good
from the car. (Receiving with a FT-301 and  Hustler mobile whip).

Some people are real proud of their second hand stuff, they ask too much
and many
times they don't get it!  Just because that's what they're asking doesn't
mean that
is their "final" price, especially if it gets close to having to pack up
their stuff at the
swap meet and haul it back home again!

John, K6yK

On Sat, 31 Jul 1999 18:59:39 +0000 Roger Snyder <k4rs@iname.com> writes:
>At 23:02 7/30/1999 -0500, Jim Shorney wrote:
>>The HF end of it doesn't have to be expensive either.  Older HF rigs
>>can often be found at hamfests for dirt cheap.  HR2510's and 
>>for 10 meters are plentiful and reasonable.  There are many 
>I must be going to the wrong hamfests.  I often see comments similar 
>to the
>one above about all mode 2 meter rigs also.  I am a regular at the 
>hamfest, and spent many hours in the flea market area of Dayton this 
>The very best price I found recently on a Uniden 10 meter rig was more 
>the rig sold for new.  Perhaps we should include a section on 
>when the new questions pools are created.
>73 de Roger Snyder, K4RS
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