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Re: FM satellites (was: Re: SUNSAT OVER EUROPE)

I've been looking at this thread and wondering something.  Someone stated (I
don't remember who) that the inexperienced ham does not know what to look
for in used equipment.  Although this statement is true, that inexperienced
amateur has something else, hopefully - an ELMER.  That inexperienced ham
should invite him/herself on a trip to a large hamfest with his/her ELMER.
Let me give a true-life-example.

I was licensed in April of 1993.  I took my test in December if 1992 and
bought my first radio about the same time - an HTX-202.  I quickly realized
that I needed something more to hit the repeaters 25 - 30 miles away.  So,
at my first opportunity, I went to the Birmingham, AL hamfest with my ELMER.
I was specifically looking for a 2m mobile rig.  After comparing several
models (and realizing they all did about the same thing - advice from my
ELMER) I bought one.  This is one of the things an ELMER is for.  If the
ham's ELMER doesn't know what to look for in used equipment, it is my
opinion that that ELMER should find someone who does.  After all, the ham
that's an ELMER had someone show him/her and has probably got a lot of
experience to draw upon from the local ham community.

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> On 30 Jul 1999 13:21:56 -0700, John Mock wrote:
> >    I have to disagree with that statement.  It was exactly a weekend
> >    trivial project for me; I threw together a turnstile for 2 meters
> >    from plumbing supplies, hooked up my 2-meter allmode, and used my
> >    existing HF rig and a 5/8-wave CB ground-plane antenna for 10 meters.
> >    It got me on RS-10 and RS-15 (in it's better days) with a decent
> >    signal to make many contacts.
> >
> >That assumes HF equipment, which a 'no-coder' won't have and can't really
> >use for anything else.  Most SSB stations are based on transverters to HF
> >or expensive transceivers.  I have a friend who's interested in getting
> >on RS-12/13, either via 2m or 15m, and we're still trying to figure out
> >how to hear the downlink well enough to work it.  I may report back on
> >this later.
> Most stations are based on transverters?  Not in this part of the
> country.  I know lots of people who have allmodes, but no one who has a
> transverter.
> The HF end of it doesn't have to be expensive either.  Older HF rigs
> can often be found at hamfests for dirt cheap.  HR2510's and HTX100's
> for 10 meters are plentiful and reasonable.  There are many synthesized
> SSB CB rigs out there that can be converted to 10 meters *without*
> changing ANY crystals (a fact most people still don't seem to be aware
> of).
> Working the analog birds, especially mode A, would only seem to be
> expensive if you want it to be...
> 73,
> Jim
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