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Re: AO-27 Freq.

Actually, on the down link side, both are right. Start your listening at
436.805. As the bird passes over head or perhaps I should say rises , lower
the frequency by 5 khz as the signal seems to go away, become hard to
understand or distorted. You should end up somewhere around 436.785 as the
bird is setting.. The 436.792 is probably a measured frequency. 145.850 is
the correct up link frequency. No need to adjust for doppler on the uplink.
A set of head phones helps also. Be sure you have the antenna pointed in
the right direction and rotate the antenna for polarization. (I assume you
have an Arrow Satellite antenna) Do not call CQ. Chances are no one will
answer you. The weekends are really, really tough to try to get in the
bird. Everybody and his brother work the bird on the weekends. If you can
try during the week then you will probably have better luck. Don't give up!
It took me about a month before I made my first contact. But, that is the
way of the satellites!

See ya on the birds.



At 01:51 PM 1999-07-30 -0500, you wrote:
>Hey all, I tried to work my forst AO-27 pass today, but I barely heard
>anything. I think I may have the wrong freqs. I know that the uplink is
>145.85, but what it the downlink? In one list I have seen it was listed as
>436.8 which I tried. But I just saw the AMSAT update bulletin which said
>it was 436.792. Which Is it?
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