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Why apologize?

Gang : - Let's agree on a basic principle - Satellite users are a part of
Ham Radio. I enjoy going through the myriad messages about everything
under the "ham radio umbrella - including policy mis-interpetations". And
every once in a while some one starts a missive with an apology, as in 
'Off Topic' as Ian - VK3YIC did - or earlier when some ham in 5th
started with an apology. I emailed him with the thought that this
is about HAM RADIO and if he looked for grid square info or as Ian did 
about looking for a morse code program - what-in-the-hell could be 
more HAM RADIO????  The Ham in the fifth district replied and said 
he was afraid of being 'flamed' - What a reputation we must have when 
HAMS using a HAM reflector are afraid of their own peers! - - -I don't 
get on here very often and spout, but this fear of inane match lighting 
flamers just got to me.  Nick w0ca LM AMSAT 0939. . . .

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