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AO-27 doppler and airborne "ground" stations?

"KF4FDJ (Mike in Ft. Myers, FL)" wrote:

> I like to program my HT with these 5 pairs for working AO-27.  I start
> with the first pair, using a non-standard split, and tune to the next
> one as the pass progresses.

The VX-5R has a "memory tune" mode that lets me play with the D/L freq
independent of the U/L by twiddling a knob on the top. You do have to program
"baby steps" on the VFO of course. :-)

I was just wondering, being a licenced private pilot: Has anybody ever worked
AO-27 or any of the other birds from an aircraft in-flight? It might be fun to
try...while 140kts won't let me chase the bird for very long, I bet a mile or
two of altitude does wonders for lowering the horizon and getting you away from
electrical noise. Naturally I'd fly *my* bird while letting another ham (prolly
my sweetie KB3DVJ) point the antenna. Being inside an aluminum fusilage probably
presents unique challenges...a fabric or composite body would be an advantage. 

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