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Re: AO-27 Freq, and my first AO-27 QSO

Jamie Hutches wrote:

> ..but what it the downlink? In one list I have seen it was listed as
> 436.8 which I tried. But I just saw the AMSAT update bulletin which said
> it was 436.792. Which Is it?

Just did my first AO-287 QSO today. 

The downlink Dopplers---shifts up as the satellite approaches and down as it
moves away. I've heard it start out as high 436.805 and finish up as low as

Here's a copy of the message I tried to get out to the other stations I heard--I
did hear my callsign confirmed but wasn't sure which station was speaking;
perhaps the other stations I haven't found email addresses for monitor this


Subject: QSL your signal via AO-27 on orbit 30446: My first QSO via satellite
   Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 11:41:15 -0400
   From: Margaret Leber <maggie@voicenet.com>
     To: K5OE@aol.com, kc2bzj@webt.com, n2wut@arrl.org, n0xlr@arrl.org,
w3art@arrl.org, n0xlr@amsat.org, w3art@amsat.org, n2wut@amsat.org
        Gwendolyn Patton KB3DVJ <wendy_lyn@unforgettable.com>,
        Foster Schucker <FosterSchucker@FirstUSA.com>,
        Foster Schucker K3FXS <foster@voicenet.com>

My first satellite QSO...thanks to all who were heard, as well as Gwen KB3DVJ
who made up our Arrow/duplexer cable harness and Foster K3FXS, who lent me his
Arrow hand-held dual beam (boy, is my arm tired!). Those of you who know the
District 3 callsigns know my ticket is *quite* new. 

Time: 1030-1045 EDT 30 July 1999 

Location: Standing in the parking lot where I work in Grid FN20hc. 

Equipment: The aforementioned Arrow, a 144/440 duplexer from MFJ, and my trusty
Yaesu VX-5R.

 Jerry K5OE - Houston TX
 "Wendy"...who Jerry told me is KC2BZJ (via AOL IM shortly after the pass)

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