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Re: THoughts on minimum ERP

kd6pag@qsl.net writes:

> Hmmm, here's a crazy idea...  What about designating an FM day FO-20 or 
>  FO-29 from time to time on a day that has been typically vacant?

I like that suggestion.  Would we need to obtain permission/concurrance from 
the JAS-1/JAS-2 team in Tokyo to try such an experiment?  It would open up 
new opportunities for a lot of people.  I've worked KH6 from Houston on 
FO-20--something you sure can't do on any other LEO.  Maybe even a 24 hour 
period, such as 0000 - 2400 Thursdays so that the us poor working slobs could 
get a shot at it too.  Maybe Bruce, KK5DO, knows who to contact?

Jerry, K5OE
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