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Re: Moments of Stupidity

I'm glad to hear you got your problems worked out.  I heard you on FO-20 the 
other day with Paul.  Sounded FB.

>  shack.  I have tried everything from buying a filter to covering my Mirage
>  preamp with aluminum foil as an RF shield.  Nothing seemed to work.  This

I've tried the exact same thing, with no noticeable effect.  Desperate men 
will do desperate things :-))

>  this problem, I grounded my radio to house ground through my power supply.
>  Probably not the best ground, but as long as my resistance is below 5 ohms,
>  it should be ok.  I'll get a ground tester from work and check it out and

I keep my rigs grounded with short, separate green (per NEC) cables to the 
house safety ground.  I bought one of those old-fashioned duplex receptacles 
that have the center screw grounded (not what new houses are built with 
anymore, but you can still get them at hardware stores).  I also bought a 
matching stainless duplex receptacle cover that comes with a stainless 
machine screw.  To that screw, on the outside of the cover, I installed a 
small terminal strip and terminate all my rig grounds there.

My antennas are all grounded via a separate path into my "RF ground."  I 
route all my coax into a cabinet where I have grounding switches (MFJ type).  
I use a single six-position one for all my HF antennas and have separate 
2-position ones for my two runs of 9913F coming down from the attic.  The 
ground connection on all these switches are connected with # 8 AWG green 
cable, exit thru the wall, and connect to my series of three ground rods 
spaced 6' apart in a "triad."

>  knob.  My downlink was fully CCW and my uplink was fully CW.  I couldn't
>  hear the preamp turn on because the volume on the downlink just wasn't loud

Man, everytime I go from sat mode (using the sub band receiver) to local 2 
meter repeater frequencies (which uses the main band receiver), I have to 
learn this all over again.  Why don't they make rigs smart enough to know 
which receiver should have the squelch turned down and which one should have 
the volume turned up?  I've even been up to the attic before to make sure the 
preamp was on since I couldn't hear it!  Maybe ESP will be the next "feature" 
once DSP is as common as toast.

>  Ok, enough of my stupidity for the day.

Nah.  Tomorrow's another day just waiting for me to forget what I learned 

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