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Re: FM HT's

An HT a luxury? Something to haul around? Not a real radio? What do you
consider a real radio? The first radio I bought was an Icom W32A HT. I used
if for the better part of a year while I was amassing enough money to get a
mobile rig. Yea it wouldn't talk as far as the "real radios" but who cares?
That is why we have repeaters! I regularly worked AO27 with the Icom. Yes,
I worked and still do, with a lot of success, AO27 using "just" an Arrow
antenna and my HT. No, I don't think a HT is luxury. I think it is a
necessity! To have only a "real radio" is OK if you are going to sit in
your car or shack and talk or play CW. If you are going to spot storms,
work the various charity events, communicate on field day with the rest of
your group, or just plan enjoy QRP operation then an HT is a necessity.
Change gears. I haven't been following this thread about the ERP all that
closely, and perhaps someone has already mentioned this, if they have,
forgive me for bringing it up again. In Part 97, paragraph somewhere, on
your technician test and I believe on the general test, doesn't it say that
we are to use the least power available to get the job done? 

Just my $0.02 worth.


At 11:17 AM 1999-07-29 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi Space Fans,
>Somewhere in all this thread about working the FM (AO-27) bird, there was
>of something to the effect that an HT wasn't necessarily what hams wanted
>to use,
>but they had no other choice but to use an HT.  NO OTHER CHOICE ?????
>Maybe I'm reading something out of context?  I always regarded HT's as a
>item that one buys to play with when you already have everything else
>to get on the air.  Or maybe something you can haul around with you when
>and you can't take a "real" radio along!
>John K6YK
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