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Moments of Stupidity

Would like to share a couple of experiences that have happened to me in the
past few days that I now find humorous, but at the time felt stupid...

1.  Jerry, K5OE, has graciously helped me with a desense problem in my
shack.  I have tried everything from buying a filter to covering my Mirage
preamp with aluminum foil as an RF shield.  Nothing seemed to work.  This
past weekend, my brother was at the house (he was home due to a family
emergency) and I wanted to show him my shack and maybe get him interested in
amateur radio.  Well, the desense was so bad, I could not hear my uplink
into FO-20.  BTW, the desense problem was only occuring on the FO birds.
Jerry suggested so many things, that I cannot remember them all - I'd have
to go back through my saved e-mails.  As I said before, nothing seemed to
work on this desense problem.  Well, Tuesday, I moved my rig around to clean
the location at which it sits.  Do you know what I discovered?  No ground!!!
The dad-blamed radio was not grounded.  Anybody know how to get rid of some
strange occurrences in RF - Yep, you guessed it - try grounding the
equipment!!!  I have made two QSOs, one with KC7QFS yesterday on FO-20 and
one today with N9NJY on FO-20 - no desense problem.  Now, to quickly solve
this problem, I grounded my radio to house ground through my power supply.
Probably not the best ground, but as long as my resistance is below 5 ohms,
it should be ok.  I'll get a ground tester from work and check it out and
let you know.

2.  Ever try listening to a satellite and no matter what you do, you cannot
make the darned thing any louder in the audio department.  This happened to
me tonight - I couldn't get any audio from my headphones or speaker.  When I
hit the preamp button, nothing happened.  Of course, I thought something was
wrong with the rig.  Well, there was; I had not turned the correct volume
knob.  My downlink was fully CCW and my uplink was fully CW.  I couldn't
hear the preamp turn on because the volume on the downlink just wasn't loud

Ok, enough of my stupidity for the day.

OM:  Joel B. Black, KS4AW     XYL:  Kristie H. Black, KF4CHN
Eutaw, AL...............EM62bv     kahblack@mindspring.com
AMSAT member #32589
AO-10, AO-27, FO-20, FO-29

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