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Re: FM Satellites (Millennium Project)

Hi Mike and AMSAT-BB folks:

Among the amsat-bb discussions on this topic, you mentioned to John

>Didn't one of the military academies send up a bird using spread
>spectrum?  What ever came of that project?  Sure would be nice to read a
>follow up in your weekly Space News.  If I remember correctly, they were
>going to release the specs for the mode some time this year, and maybe
>even a circuit diagram for a receiver.  Do you have any information

Yes, that satellite is called PANSAT and we are running a lead article on it
in the July/August issue via the good work of members Steve Bible, N7HPR and
Dan Sakoda, KD6DRA.  (I believe Dan James, NN0DJ provided a list of articles
running in this issue in a recent ANS post.)  The issue is currently at the
printers and should be coming to a mailbox near your QTH by NLT 10AUG99.

BTW, I also have a great article by John Magliacane on the design of his
satellite modem that we plan to run in an upcoming issue of The AMSAT
Journal.  We are working a few legal issues on the article and it when
complete we will run it.


Russ Tillman, K5NRK
AMSAT Journal Editor
Vicksburg, Mississippi

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