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re- FM only handhelds.

     In response to the note by Mike.
       I think we need to look at a few things.  It's not that
     SSB 2 meter handhelds have never been built. It's just 
     that they're not built by the big 3 manufactures. I'm 
     not sure who's still building them but I've still got 
     part of a dead one at home I bought off the net. (Don't 
     ask. it was a bad deal. DOA and I knew that. It didn't 
     come with everything that was supposed to show up with it
     including the schematic, battery cover, and owners manual)
        Anyway, it's more of finding out who is making them and 
     getting them to get them type accepted into the US, and 
     getting someone to import them. 
        The one I've got laying around is about 10 yrs old and 
     was built by SANTEC. QST even did a write up about them 
     years ago and it was in there first edition book about 
     used equipment.  
        There are alot of Ham radios built in Japan and other 
     Asian countries that we never hear about. 
        Maybe we can get out JAMSAT counter parts to let us know
     whats out there and maybe we can see if someone would be 
     willing to import them. I'm not in the import business and 
     wouldn't know where to start and I wouldn't even know who 
     to ask about getting it FCC approved for use here in the 
     States.  Other contries may have it easier as far as acceptance.
        I'm not even sure if there might not be a loop hole 
     as to acceptance for a small numbers of units and I'm not
     sure about whether you can buy in a foreign  country and 
     use here.  Maybe we can mail order from Japan! 
        Just food for thought.
              73, Mike KA7HBB

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