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Re: THoughts on minimum ERP...

On Wed, 28 Jul 1999 21:06:02 EDT, K5OE@aol.com wrote:

> To the inexperienced it may sound like stochastic noise.  But in it's own 
> way, it is organized, has unwritten mores of behavior, and works extremely 
> well.

I imagine that there are those on the list that listen to us talking about
AO-27 and having never worked the bird are probably scared to death of the
reported chaos. Yes, it's quite chaotic and yes it's loads of fun. Yes, the
QSO's are short but it's all about fun. I am one of those 5 watt (sometimes
less) HT'ers and I have had great success getting into the bird and have had
the help of many on this list when I first started. I have a grid square map
that I color in the grids each time I work a new grid and one of my proudest
grids lies in So. California from where I worked John Lee K6YK. That's a
long ways from central Alabama to So. California on 5watts FM with a whip
antenna. If, when I work AO-27, I say hello to someone and it bothers you,
I'm sorry. It's just that when you go for weeks on end talking to people
once or twice a day, you feel that you somewhat know them and in the spirit
of amateur radio, you want to say hello. The fact is, or at least it seems
to me, that during weekday passes of AO-27 there aren't an extremely high
rate of new stations trying to get on the bird. I think everyone would
welcome some new contacts and grids via AO-27.

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