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Re: THoughts on minimum ERP...


> On a voice bird, it would be quite disconcerting to have multiple pieces
>  of converstaions, grids, and racgchews on such a hit/miss intersperesed
>  with "priority" users doing their thing...  But it could work... if
>  we changed our expectations.   I donno... just a thought..

I think that is exactly the state of affairs on AO-27.  The 5 W HT crowd is 
out there on a hit-or-miss basis, the regulars are in there with their 50 W 
stations saying "hi" to their pals, and grid chasers are using whatever ERP 
it takes to make that priority call.  And they all coexist.

To the inexperienced it may sound like stochastic noise.  But in it's own 
way, it is organized, has unwritten mores of behavior, and works extremely 
well.  Dozens of successful QSO's (albeit short ones), occur every 
pass--EVERY PASS.  The obvious popularity, the crowding, the fast-paced 
action, etc., are all part of the "charm" of AO-27.  It's a great bird.  Why 
else would there be so much competition for access.  I, for one, would 
welcome more--many more.   

OOPS, I just realized I'm mixing up my threads on the BB.    Sorry.   

Jerry, K5OE
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