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Where will they scatter YOUR ashes? - Shoemaker/Lunar Prospector

This is forwarded from another list.

Peter VK1KEP
Canberra, Australia

---------------------- Forwarded by Peter ELLIS/MATERIEL/NAVY/AU on 29/07/99
09:21 ---------------------------

Saturday night will see a first.

US geologist, Eugene Shoemaker, became famous for his discovery, with David
Levy, of Comet Shoemaker-Levy - the one that crashed into Jupiter in 1994.
He was also famous for his explanation of impact craters on the Earth that
have been caused by collisions with comets or asteroids in the geological
past (and not so past). Shoemaker was killed in a car crash in Australia in

Shoemaker's ashes will be deposited on the Moon on Saturday night, when the
Lunar Prospector spacecraft crashes into a dark crater near the Moon's South

Hmm. I wonder if my local funeral people could handle a request for this

for the full story see


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