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Re: Fw: Groundstation cost, etc.

k6yk@juno.com writes:

> Don't forget you can MAKE YOUR OWN AZ-EL rotor for a whole lot less. Mine
>  is
>  made from two U-100 rotors.  Cost  ZERO!  You can find them around for
>  either
>  nothing or cheap at garage sales, flea markets, etc. Not necessarily ham
>  flea
>  markets. 

John is right, but I'm way too lazy to get up early on Saturday for the 
garage sales.  

I have been collecting the parts to get my AO-10 antenna on a rotor lately 
(still on a tripod on my patio).  I recently bought a brand new, still in the 
box with warranty CM-9510 az rotor (very similar to the Radio Shack model)   
on ebay.com for $38 + $8 shipping (no tax) and a refurbished U-100 elevation 
rotor on amazon.com (auctions) for $24 + $8 shipping.  There are many more 
sites on the I-net that have tons of ham stuff.  One of my favorite is 
qth.com.   Let your fingers (and mouse) do the walking....

Jerry, K5OE
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