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A modest proposal

In the spirit of Swift, may I make a modest proposal?

Assuming that Iridium goes into bankruptcy, let's ask the court if we
can make an even swap of the Iridium system for our Phase 3D satellite.

This should be a winner for Iridium and Ham radio:

Iridium gets a single satellite that is still on the ground and thus

We hams get a constellation of complex satellites already in orbit,
including many satellites that have failed and cannot be repaired.  None
of the satellites are currently being used to any great extent because
the cheapest Iridium phone costs several kilobucks American, which is a
lot of Pazoozas in any currency.

TAPR then produces a fifty dollar Iridium HamPhone(tm) kit, millions of
hams around the world purchase the kits and build them and within a
year, any ham can talk to any other ham anywhere in the world, which
will be a big help when arranging DX HF contacts, as well as giving
everybody extra points on field day.

And by that time, Iridium should have their Iridium-3D sat in orbit,
where it cannot be repaired.

Dave, N9LTD

P.S. And each HamPhone(tm) kit has APRS built in, which is used in lieu
of Caller-ID.  If you get a call and you see it's from a grid square you
already have, you can ignore it.
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