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Re: Snake Bite

Hello Mike-- Seems you are a writer. Good yarn. Somehow I've been unable
to write "ham adventure" stories. But I've just had a book published
titled LOW, LOW TIDE & Collected Stories," in which he title story is a
novella  wherein ham radio plays a significant, but minor,  role. The
story is of a young ham tide observer in the Florida Keys, a kind of
adventure story.  One of the other stories in the book is all concerned
with  ham radio and artificial intelligences. The book is published by
Xlibris, a web site digital publishing company, (at www.xlibris.com)  who
produces both  soft and hard cover versions.

I'm retired from newspaper, advertising, promotion and publicity and for
the last few years have been trying to write fiction. Whole  new ball
game! I've had a few articles in QST over the years. So far in fiction
only one magazine story and this book. 73 Steve  W2ZBY

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