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Re: Re: Iridium

Quoting Dan Schultz N8FGV (n8fgv@AMSAT.Org) [990728 07:23]:
> but comparing Iridium or some other commercial system to ham radio is
> like
> comparing apples and oranges.

Since I made that initial comparison, I just wanted to clarify what I

There seems to be a school of thought that we should have a system which
would make worldwide communications via a simple FM handheld in order to
make sat comm easy and available to the unwashed masses.

My point was that while such a system might be nice to have, the cost
would be on the order of an Iridium like system. Given that simple fact,
it seems (to me) that future LEO sats be digital or have a traditional
SSB transponder (ala FO-20).

I was calling into question the usefulness of additional FM repeaters
flying overhead but I was *not* really comparing the amateur sat system
to global commercial wireless telephone systems.

But it should be noted that beggars can't be choosers and if a
University can get a launch and they want to put up a single channel FM
bird to give their students the experience, and they let us amateurs use
the thing, well then I say "YIPPEE" and more power to them! :-)

Vy 73,
Jeff Davis, N9AVG
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